The product OUVER Coffee and the idea leading to it are due to my passion towards coffee. I work as a barista, when not in school studying architecture, so I get to make coffee on a daily basis.

Every morning standing in my kitchen I ask myself the same question: How do I get away from this putting-my-ceramic-dripper-on-my-mug-sort-of-thing coffee-making technique? That in mind I began roaming the internet for different ways and variations of making coffee. The results of my research were mostly unhandy, ugly pour over stations. All these products were missing out on adjustable height of the dripper, which results in the user being unable choosing the size of mug or thermos jug or pot. Furthermore the design suffered from the function of most products or functions suffered from their design. Then I proceeded in visualizing my ideas.


Since I am a carpenter, I started building prototypes, and asked friends and colleagues for feedback. After a couple tries, I finally managed to establish a design that received a fair amount of good feedback.  So please feel free to message me and let me know about the Pros and Cons of it, your ideas for upgrades and your opinions! Also feel free to ask anything you want to know about the products!

Last but not least, more to OUVER Coffee and why it‘s something special. The products are entirely handmade by me and my dad! Every single piece is made with love and devotion in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf, Germany. So please give me a hand on bringing more design and appreciation into our daily coffee-routine, to enjoy making coffee even more than ever before! I am excited for your feedback and opinions, and please SHARE! And don‘t stop SHARING!

Birger Schneider
Designmarket in Cologne / 2016

Pour over brewing has become popular in the world of craft coffee, because it gives full control over all of the variables in the brewing process. More control means you have the ability to adjust and perfect your recipe to better highlight the nuanced flavours found in today's high-quality craft coffees.